Thursday, September 6, 2012

Small Sally Beauty Haul

My Sally Beauty club card renews in of course I had to go renew it and use my 15% + free item coupon!!! I don't need anything there but I want so much...

  • ORLY Bubbly Bombshell because who doesn't need more fabulous pink glitter?
  • ORLY Sweet Peacock because some girl in one of my anthro classes has a metallic blue polish I've been eyeing for a bit. This looks nothing like it, as hers looks more like Essie's Blue Rhapsody, but this one is metallic...and good enough?
  • ion inspired by nature Nourishing Oil Treatment because it was on clearance and I've been getting into hair products lately and this was a good way to try a hair oil.
  • ion Moisture Solutions Miracle Leave-In Conditioner because it was free and I've been wanting a leave-in for a while now.
Less than $17 for these four items and the card renewal, plus I got a $5 off coupon for next time :) I'm thinking I "need" one of the new duochrome China Glaze polishes...

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