Sunday, June 5, 2011

May Empties!

Hey guys. Work has been exhausting me and killing my nails, so no recent NOTDs. I started doing the two week Orly Nailtrition cycle, though, so hopefully that will make my nails strong enough to handle prying computers apart and blowing the dust out of them for 32 hours a week.

To make up for my lack of actual posts, here is an empties post. I got this idea from many other nail/beauty blogs who are doing "Project 10 Pan" and other similar things. I wish I could remember where I first saw it, but I can't, so thank you to the many bloggers who came up with this way before I did!

I honestly have no idea how to turn the picture once it is uploaded, so I'm sorry. But this is:
-Olay Quench Body Lotion Ultra Moisture (full size and travel size) I had this a long time ago, and I absolutely loved it. This time around, however, it stung really badly when I put it on after shaving, which I don't remember happening the last time. I loved the little sparkles, but I much rather have my legs not sting when I put on lotion at 6:30 AM.
-Nivea Creme Honestly, I bought this because it was in a little tin. I used it on my feet and it worked pretty well. I also love the smell.
-Beyond Belief Spiced Pomegranate Ew, ew, ew. It smelled ok at first but as soon as I put it on my legs/arms, it got this chemically smell to it, every single time. It worked ok, but I definitely won't be repurchasing.
-OPI AvoJuice Skin Quencher in Winter Huckleberry This is honestly my favorite lotion. It smelled amazing (as does every other AvoJuice scent I've smelled thus far) and it soaked in quickly and left my hands super soft. Once I use up all of the hand creams I currently have, I am definitely repurchasing AvoJuice.
-Heel to Toe Feels Like New Foot Softener This had a super thick, hard to deal with texture. Luckily I was just using it thickly on my feet with socks, so I just had to manage getting it out of the jar and somewhat onto my feet. It also stained some of my skin a nasty color after using it for a while, so I definitely won't be repurchasing. It did work pretty well as a softener, though.
-Dove Cream Oil This lotion was ok, and didn't have the characteristically "Dove" smell that I bought it for. Will not repurchase.
-Vaseline Aloe Cool and Fresh This was also only okay. It had an okay smell and worked okay as a body lotion. Will not repurchase.

-Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner I got this in a special holiday pack back in December. They smelled great and made my hair very soft and shiny. I would repurchase, but I know something new will catch my eye by the time I need shampoo and conditioner.
-Skintimate Strawberry Tangerine Shave Gel This smelled so good I couldn't wait to shave my legs in the morning. My legs were also very smooth and had way less nicks. Have already repurchased (but in a different scent)
-Biore Triple Action Astringent I love, love, love this stuff. I seriously bought three bottles of it when I saw it on clearance at Target once, and I'm sadly on my last bottle. It is a nice midday refresher if you aren't wearing makeup and it kept my skin clear through finals. Will repurchase.
-Olay Blackhead Clearing Scrub I loved the way this smelled, but I think it dried my skin out just a little bit too much, especially around my nose. Will consider repurchasing.

-Dove Damage Therapy Shine Boost Shampoo and Conditioner Yes, I finished two bottles of shampoo and two bottles of conditioner this month, but only because I had half-used ones at home and half-used ones at school. Also, I am so gross and dusty when I get home from work that I end up taking two showers four days a week. This also made my hair incredibly soft and shiny, but it also lacked that "Dove" smell that I love so much. I will not be repurchasing, as half the reason I buy Dove is for that scent.
-Orly French Polynesian Paradise Polish Renewing Hand Buff This stuff smelled alright and worked like any scrub would. I like it, but I didn't enjoy using it enough to repurchase a full size.
-St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter Body Wash I used this when my skin was irritated because it seemed to calm it down. I will definitely repurchase a small size to keep on hand for those days where my skin is angry.
-Bare Foot Revitalizing Lemon and Sage Foot Scrub Meh. It didn't smell as good as I had hoped, and it didn't really work that amazingly, either. Will not repurchase.
-Nivea Touch of Sparkle Body Wash x2 This smelled really good and left my skin really soft. Will consider repurchase in the future.

Not pictured:
-The Body Shop Mini Cocoa Butter Scrub The packaging was annoying (I prefer shower products in tubes, not tubs), especially in a dorm shower. It smelled good and worked even better. Will consider repurchase.
-Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness This was actually the first lip balm I have ever finished. Ever. In my entire life. It was moisturizing without being waxy and great for every day use. It smells like Nivea and I really liked it. It can't stand up to the dry, dusty hell that is my job though, but I already have another for when I return to normal earthly conditions in the fall.