Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Empties!

 Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo in Wild Watermelon My hair was super shiny while I used this, even though I didn't use conditioner. It lasted pretty much forever, too. At least 2 straight months using generous amount every day.
True Blue Mini Paraffin Hand Cream This made my hands very soft and kept them that way for a while after, too. It smelled a little weird to me, but I think that was because it isn't scented like anything in particular.
OPI ExpertTouch Nail Polish Remover This made my nails flake terribly. I will not be repurchasing this, especially since it took so long to get nail polish off.
B&BW PocketBac in Calypso Berry 'Nuff said. I love this scent, though.
Curious Perfum Sample I have had this forever and it remains one of my favorite scents. I have so much perfume, though, that I won't be repurchasing any perfume for quite a while.
Claudia Eye Area Toning Cream I got this at Sally's and can't remember the full name. It doesn't have the  brand name on the tub. I didn't really think it did anything special, but as soon as I ran out my eyes looked terrible. I will not be repurchasing though, since I have a few eye treatments still.
 Dove GoFresh Plum and Sakura Blossom Body Wash This was a nice body wash. It smelled ok and left my skin so moisturized afterwards I didn't have to use lotion. Will consider repurchase.
Up&Up Women's Shave Gel in Baby Soft This. Was. Amazing. It was so thick and rich! It made my legs so soft! Way better than actual Skintimate or Schick kind. Will repurchase when I need it again.
The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish This smelled divine. It was so fresh and fruity without being fake. I didn't like it as a scrub though, but more of a grainy body wash. I will consider repurchase of the Satsuma scented products.
B&BW Charmed Life Lotion I got this free at the Paris Amour event and I'm sure glad I didn't pay for it. This scent gave me a headache more than once and although the effectiveness of their lotion is growing on me, it wasn't worth the headache.
The Body Shop Watermelon Lotion This smelled better than anything I have ever owned. It also left my legs soft and sting-free. Will consider repurchase.
Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion This was absolute hell to get out of the bottle. Seriously, who puts lotion in a GLASS BOTTLE. I had to keep it upside down to get it all out. It worked okay. Will not repurchase.
Sally Hansen Diamond Radiance Hand and Cuticle Polish Meh. I actually went through two of these. They aren't that great. Will not repurchase.
Biore Towelettes I liked these because they had a "scrubby" side that cut through makeup quite well.
UC San Diego Tritons Hand Sanitizer worked.
Ahava Mineral Handcream Smelled just as good as the Ahava lotion I finished earlier this year. It also kept my hands super soft.
Earth Therapeutics Spot Blots This worked ok, but they were easy to rip and hard to get out of the package without accidentally taking 2 or 3. Will not repurchase.
B&BW Orange Sapphire PocketBac Yup. Smell gave me a headache :/

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