Friday, July 1, 2011

June Empties!

 I am trying to use up all of the mini/trial size things I have, so I have been using up quite a few products lately.  Left to right, top to bottom (ish):
-Sally Hansen Diamond Radiance Hand Scrub. Meh. It wasn't very moisturizing, but I have about 3 tubes left from those silly Sally Hansen party packs. I'll use what I have up, but I'm definitely not going to repurchase.
-Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter. This stuff smelled a bit like old lady, but I love the packaging and it did moisturize quite well. Will not repurchase because I am in love with The Body Shop's body butter.
-Suave Mango Mandarin Lotion. This smelled amazing and works pretty darn well for being a cheapie lotion. Might repurchase.
-Orly French Polynesian Hot Lava Hand Mask. This either warmed way too much or I couldn't feel the effect, even when I had stirred it well. Will not repurchase.
-Nivea Creme. I love the way this smells and it works quite well. Might repurchase if I can find it in a package that doesn't "lead" when it gets hot.
-Secret Fresh Effects Fresh Water Orchid body spray. This had little staying power, but was a nice, floral scent when first applied. Will not repurchase.
-Sally Girl Orange Blossom Cuticle Oil. Meh. Worked okay. Smelled okay. I can find better moisturizing lotions, though. Will not repurchase.
-B&BW Secret Wonderland lotion. The lotions from Bath and Body Works don't wow me, and do very little but keep already moisturized hands from drying out when applied frequently. This scent is one of my favorites, though.
-B&BW Carried Away lotion. I didn't like the scent of this. I couldn't use it up fast enough, really.
-Olay Age Defying Body wash. Smelled like old lady but moisturized as well as the normal Quench kind. Will consider repurchasing, as long as I don't find something new between now and when I buy body wash next.
-Herbal Essences Degunkify Shampoo. I am pretty sure they are now marketing this as "Drama Clean" shampoo. It claims it will "tingle" but I never felt anything tingly, and I wash my hair hard. Will not repurchase.
-Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser. I love, love, love this stuff. I will repurchase after I use up another bottle (that I am currently half way through) and the one other face wash I have still.
-Loreal go 360 Clean Face Scrub. This didn't do anything special for me, so I am going to try something new when I finish a travel size of a different scrub I bought for my vacation.

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