Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Essie Berry Hard

Sorry about the inferior picture. The lighting in my dorm room is pretty awful. This was three coats of Essie Berry Hard, which I got at Ulta on clearance. I like the color, but I was disappointed in the brush. The bristles were a little clumpy, like polish had dried on it. This made the polish apply unevenly. I have Essie Lollipop, which I liked a lot better. The brush on that was normal and the color applied much more evenly. It really is too bad about the brush, but I'll probably use this one again and see if a little polish thinner will thin unclump the brush.
Concerning wear, it chipped pretty quickly on my right hand, but I don't wrap my tips so that might be part of it. It's such a pretty color and I really like the jelly-ness. I am looking forward to getting more polishes from Essie, although if the brush keeps being lame like that, I'll have to let it go.

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